So, I might be a masochist after all.

I started a new class on Monday entitled, “Publishing and Distribution.” As you can imagine, it’s all about… [wait for it]… publishing and distribution! Who knew?

In this evening’s lecture, my professor expounded on the final project that we’re going to be working on throughout the class and delivery at the end: the creation of a wholly new project and the distribution and promotion of it online. Pretty simple, right?


The thing is, the professor is aware of the fact that I am already a heavy blogger, so – technically – I’m already producing new content, publishing, and distributing all of the time. So, in order to fully grow from the assignment, I needed to raise the stakes. Well, then.

You know my competitive nature. I decided to raise the stakes even higher than the bar he set.

Below is the email of the proposal I submitted to him for my final project. I can’t take this back. Now, sealed and delivered via the beautiful juggernaut that is the internet, I’ve committed myself to probably one of the most uncomfortable, vulnerable, and likely painful assignments I’ve ever considered.

Here it is:

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

            For the purposes of the Create & Publish assignment, I’ve decided to heed the advice of my instructor and explore a different medium than the written word. I plan to create a short film, primarily composed of still features, that reflects on the journey I’ve taken as a yo-yo dieter over the last decade of my life. The reason I selected this topic is that it’s relatable, it’s emotional, and I already have a forum developed to promote it: my new blog, This will be a brief film, no more than three to four minutes, and I will do all of the writing, filming, editing, and post-production myself and then launch it on my blog, using keyword SEO for promotion.

            The ideal audience for my post – and the blog as a whole – is women 18 to 45; those most prone to insecurities, crash dieting, and an overall issue with their body. With my video, I’d like to recap my ups and downs in a poignant, yet amusing, recount of my teens and twenties. It is my trust that this transparent, vulnerable, and entertaining delivery will gain the trust of my readers through demonstrated proof of my experience with body issues, eating disorders, and overall physical insecurity.

I’m intentionally choosing to do this as a video as a means to push my creativity to the limits [for personal growth] as well as to attract a younger and more media-driven demographic.


Good God. What have I done?

Optimistic that this is going to hurt,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


4 thoughts on “So, I might be a masochist after all.

  1. Best of luck with the class / project. That’s awesome that instead of just taking the easy way out, you’re pushing yourself into something new so you’re actually learning something instead of just turning in an assignment.


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