A Very Good Day!

Sometimes, God blesses you with one of those days that reminds you why you get up in the morning. A day that makes not hitting the snooze button a fourth time and crawling out of your bed a worthwhile decision. A day that falls into your lap, gift-wrapped and pristine, after weeks of hard work, stress, and frustration.

Today was one of those days.

It started normal enough. I got in early, got a head start on emails, and even managed to joke around with a colleague while we put together scripting, email templates, and a timeline for a new initiative. I could sense that today was going to be productive, and that alone made me very happy.

Around lunch time, though, Mr. Monday decided to step it up a notch and deliver some good news:

I received the CDA for my last class.

I heard the little telltale bell of my Outlook, telling me that an email had been received to my school account. I didn’t rush, assuming it was an update to an assignment in my new course or a classmate emailing me back. A few minutes passed and I finally read the email. I’d been selected by my instructor for the CDA.


I’ve talked about CDA’s in the past, but for those newer to my blog, a CDA is a Course Director’s Award.

Per the Full Sail University Student Manual:

“The Course Director’s Award may be conferred on a per-class basis to one or two students who have demonstrated outstanding effort and good attitude in completion of course projects and is based upon the Course Director’s decision.”
The thing about a CDA is that it’s not based on academic excellence. You can’t set out to earn them. They just happen. There is a connection between you, the curriculum, the instructor, and everything lines up.
In some cases, the course changes you as a student. In some cases, you change the course.
While I don’t think I did anything to change the course, the class absolutely changed me. It was because of that class and the encouragement of that instructor that I created my short documentary and admitted to having an eating disorder. It is because of that class that I’m working hard now to publish and distribute my work and get my name out there.

And, today, it is because of that class – and that CDA – that I’m having a really good day.

The awesome thing about good days? They beget more. And more, and more, and more.

Happiness is infectious.

I was giddy at work today, which livened up those around me. My boss left with a grin, I got a bunch of high-fives before I exited the building, and I came home to find a package of CANDY in the mailbox from my grandmother. Seriously? Could this day get any better?
No joke, she really sent me a basket of candy:
Candy Basket

So not only am I happy and bouncing because of my good day, I’m also riding a pretty killer sugar high.

Optimistic I’ve got some calories to burn at the gym tonight, but I’ll be doing it with a big smile on my face! And who knows – maybe I’ll have the opportunity to make it a good day for someone else by sharing a little of the love.

Lots of love, my friends,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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