I feel a tiny bit hypocritical this evening, as I am postponing doing my homework so that I can blog about procrastination. Especially considering my homework includes reading a textbook that preaches the value of planning, organizing, and prioritizing your workflow so that I/you/we can write a script in 21 days.


I’ve discovered that I’ve begun procrastinating more and more the last few weeks.

I put off going to the gym until the last possible minute, often missing my workouts because I left too small a window of time.

I’ve saved homework for the weekend that I should have done earlier in the week, which leaves me stressed out and frantic on Sundays when I should be resting and preparing for an eventful workweek.

And, most devastating for me personally, I’ve really been procrastinating on my personal writing projects.

My novel is practically finished, yet I’ve failed to send it to my friend for editing.

I have several poems written but haven’t sent them out to any contests.

I have several story ideas, which NEVER HAPPENS, and yet I haven’t taken the time to sit down and start writing any of them.

What gives?

Is this a stage I am going through? Or have I lost my drive?

I still love to write. I do. That hasn’t changed.

So…what has?

I don’t actually have an answer for this yet. Normally, I try to wrap my blog posts up in pretty bows, perfectly-answered questions tucked safely inside, but this evening I do not have a riposte to my own question.

I’m going to leave the question floating, wafting buoyantly among these words, and hope that the Gods of the Interwebz help me find a solution to break through this funk and stop procrastinating so much. I’ve got stuff to do – yeesh!

Optimistic I’ll find my answer and solution[s] soon,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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