Counting down…

So, I’m officially in the last three days of my Spring Break.

I’ve been pleasantly lazy, working on absolutely nothing and getting to bed at a reasonable hour every night. I’ve enjoyed being unproductive, but I don’t want to end my Spring Break without accomplishing something, so I’m going to call on my followers here on WordPress to help motivate me to make the most out of my last few hours outside of class.

With that in mind, what would YOU like me to write?

I’d like to write THREE pieces in the next three days, but I need your help.

Would you like a poem? If so, what topic would you like me to discuss?

Would you like a short story? If so, do you have a photo prompt or subject you’d like me to base it on?

Want a collection of limericks? Throw some ideas my way!

For anyone that suggests a short story idea, I’ll make sure that a character in the piece is named after YOU – as a thank you for the motivation.

So… let’s make this happen! Comment on this blog and/or use my Contact Page to anonymously submit ideas and suggestions and I’ll post the finished product on the blog over the weekend!

Optimistic for a busy – and productive – weekend of writing!

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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