Holy crap, I’m a home owner!

In an effort NOT to jinx myself, I’ve been relatively quiet on this blog about my home search. Last time I talked about a house I was interested on here, I was outbid the next day. Not that I’m superstitious or anything – I just decided to play it safe and keep the house hunt on the down low.

Today, however, I am eager to report that I am officially a HOME OWNER!

Anyone that knows me personally is probably already sick of hearing it. I can’t stop talking about it. I OWN A HOUSE. WHOA.

The last two weeks has been a whirlwind with the mortgage company, who shall go unnamed, but I will say that there were multiple occasions where I felt like throwing up my hands and screaming, “I quit!”

Yes. Me, the die-hard optimist. I wanted to give up.

Crazy, eh?

We basically had Murphy’s law when it came to our paperwork. Things were misplaced [on their end], the underwriter requested contradictory documents, and we were made to resubmit so much of our paperwork that I was beginning to think it was just being thrown away on the receiving end of the fax. It was exhausting. It was frustrating. It was downright infuriating…

But it was WORTH IT.

People often tell me that the moment you have a child, you forget about the agony of childbirth. I always figured that those people are dirty rotten liars trying to convince me to inflict ungodly pain on myself. However, despite all of the pain, tears, and frustration we went through leading up to closing day, I feel nothing but HAPPINESS, JOY, and GRATITUDE toward the lender, our realtor, my husband, and the world around me.

When I think about my house, my heart is filled with excitement, potential, and security. The memories of the frustration are so vague, it’s hard to believe I actually wanted to quit just 48 hours ago.

Perhaps my friends with children weren’t lying after all.

Some things are worth the pain.

Some things in life are so wonderful, they erase any memory of suffering from the chalkboard of the mind.

Some things are so important to you, they cause a general amnesia to fall over all of the bad in your life. You’re born anew, optimistic and eager for the world.

I’m probably blowing this waaaaay out of proportion, maybe even insulting a few mothers along the way… but holy crap, I’m a home owner! I’m delusional and drunk on the euphoria that can only be produced from a two-ounce key hanging on a Life is Good keychain.


Life is good.

Killer housewarming party to come,

~Victoria Elizabeth


2 thoughts on “Holy crap, I’m a home owner!

  1. I just googled “holy crap I’m a homeowner” and your blog came up first. Obviously, I’m going through the process myself and had the exact same scenarios play out as far as announcing to the world the first house I bid on, then losing it. I just had my first moment of realization, euphoria even, to use your words. I totally get the feeling of “Jesus Christ, people must be sick of hearing me talk about home related stuff”! Glad to know I’m not the only one! Good luck in your new house!


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