April 13th, 2007.

That’s the day that I stood before my friends and my family and committed to love, trust, and support one man for the rest of my life.

I cannot believe it’s been six years.

Six years of ups, six years of downs. Six years of amazing adventures, six years of lazy nights on the couch. Fancy dinners out and frozen dinners in.

In many ways, I’ve failed as a wife.

Burnt quite a few dinners. Laughed when I should have been serious. I’ve even raised my voice and slammed a few doors.

However, I’ve also succeeded in many ways.

I’ve succeeded in some dinner experiments. Gave support when I wanted to back down. I’ve apologized when I’ve been wrong and been a gracious winner when I’ve been right (which was more often than not, I must add.)

I’ve loved, deeply and richly.

In so many ways, I don’t deserve my husband. He’s such a good, kind-hearted man. He’s intelligent. He’s funny. He’s resourceful, prudent, conservative, and the balance to my voracity.

He is the yin to my yang in more ways than one.

And somehow… he loves me back. If you didn’t believe in miracles before, you should now.


April 13th, 2007. A love without end, amen.

April 13th, 2007.
A love without end, amen.

Optimistic for another six [and another, and another, and another times infinity] years together,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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