An Organizational Endeavor

Now that my husband and I have officially moved into our new home, we’re slowly but surely unpacking, cleaning, and trying to put our house together. Right now, it basically looks like a bomb has exploded, spreading our clothing, dishware, and random paintings all over our three-story townhome. It’s chaos and it’s driving me nuts.

I promised myself that once we moved into our new place, I’d turn over a new leaf and aim to be as organized as possible.

That’s definitely easier said than done.

Moving the contents of a 2/2 condo into a 3/3.5 townhouse sounds like it would be simple. We’d have lots of room and no extra furniture, right?


In our condo, we had a 2/2 that had a large, additional office. As a result, I had purchased lots of bookshelves and a nice desk to fill the space and turn into my writing studio. Our new townhouse has custom bookshelves already installed, so I’m currently dealing with a surplus of shelving units. That’s an interesting dilemma, as I certainly don’t want to get rid of them [they’re brand new!] but I’m not exactly sure what to do with them.

In addition to that, the closet in our master bedroom appears to have been designed for people that like to fold their clothes, with very little hanging space. Ummmmm. I wear a lot of dresses, so this is going to be an issue.

Fortunately, we have a lot of extra space and I’m a creative person, so we’re coming up with interesting solutions for our storage needs. I’ve put an extra bookshelf into each bedroom to be used for knick-knacks [hooray] and I actually converted a linen closet in our master bathroom into a DELUXE shoe-shelf. Booyah!

Working with what I've got: a true optimist! :)

Working with what I’ve got: a true optimist! 🙂

Having a new house feels like a new lease on life. As if I’ve been given a restart button. I can recommit myself to better habits [e.g. putting my shoes back in their nifty shoe closet, versus leaving them around the house] and I have the space, the freedom, and the creativity to follow-through on them.

I wish I had a week off from school and work just so I could throw all of my attention into finishing the projects at home and getting the house perfect, but alas, that is not an option. So, for the next few weeks, I will likely be a busy-bee, working during the day, homework at night, and organizing and unpacking as much as possible on the weekends.

It will definitely be worth it when I can actually LOCATE the items I need versus the mad hunt I used to make to find things in the chaos of my old place. A little effort now will equal a lot less stress and energy wasted in the long run.

Optimistic that my organizational endeavor will prove fruitful,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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