Publication #18!

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So, while I was Internet-less the past week, one of my short stories was picked up by Linguistic Erosion and published on Friday, May 3rd.


That puts me officially two away from being forced to fulfill a deal I made with myself: once I hit 20 publications [of any size or scope], I need to start sending out my novel to publishers and literary agents.

I’ve been procrastinating and letting the self-doubt eat away at me, hiding that little file in the dark recesses of my hard drive. We’re getting close, though, to the day of reckoning. A few weeks or a few months [or possibly a few years from now?], I will hit the 20th publication and I’ll be forced to keep that promise.

Until then, though, here’s my latest short story for you to enjoy:

A Photo in the Flowerbed

All feedback, constructive criticism, and general thoughts about the piece are welcomed.

Be well, my friends!

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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