Twelve Weeks.

As of tomorrow morning, I am officially twelve weeks away from my last day of class at Full Sail University.

Three classes.

Three more grades.

Just eighty-four more days of instruction and this chapter of my life comes to an end.

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed.

I started working on my BFA in Creative Writing back in March 2011. I jumped in head first, sacrificing several transfer credits from my previous Bachelor’s degree because I was anxious to begin the program. I couldn’t wait!

I joined up with the inaugural class, the first cohort of students going through the new major at Full Sail University.

There were approximately 30 of us in that first cohort, but due to life-events, time off, and just people discovering new interests, we’re down to 17 students trudging our way to graduation day.

As a cohort, we’ve grown very close. I count several of my classmates as close friends, despite the distance between us. We represent over a dozen states and yet I feel no distance between us when we collaborate on our work. The stress, the art, the suffering, the joy – it has all bonded us in a way just as tangible and real as the bonds formed in a physical classroom.

So… what happens in twelve weeks?

When the formality of attendance is gone, when the grades and the instruction come to an end…what’s next?

I have to admit, I’m a bit scared.

I’ve gone from eagerly anticipating my final class to wishing I could prolong the inevitable.

Being in school the last two years has taught me structure.

Time management. Collaboration. Trust. Dedication.

It has given me confidence in my abilities and introduced amazing, talented people into my life.

While I know it won’t go away on my graduation day, I do worry that the loss of a “formal” environment will cause a decline in motivation on my part. Will I still write every day? Will I continue to send my work out to journals and magazines, hoping for publication?

I’d like to say yes. Yes, I will.

I’ve committed myself to maintain the relationships I’ve formed, the structure I’ve developed, and the momentum I have maintained. Education doesn’t stop just because you graduate from college and neither should DRIVE.

I’m going to enjoy these last twelve weeks and try not to get sad as I get closer to graduation, as I know it’s not the end of my journey. More so, it’s just the removal of my training wheels. It’s time to ride the course without assistance and to show the world that my education gave me the tools necessary to make it on my own.

84 days. 12 weeks. 3 classes.

Let the countdown begin,

~ Victoria Elizabeth



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