Sometimes, you just have to go purple…

Sometimes, you just have to go purple...

I’m normally not one for wild and crazy decisions with my hair – or make-up, clothing, and food choices, for that matter – but I was feeling a little wild and crazy for my 29th birthday. I decided to finally bite the bullet and attempt purple ombre, something I’ve joked about doing for two years.

It’s a little wild. It’s a little crazy. And I love it.

No, I don’t think it’s anything I’ll maintain long term. No, I definitely don’t think I’ll do anything this drastic ever again in my life.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m really enjoying it. It’s fresh, exciting, and new. And I’m almost getting used to the bug-eyed stares it generates in public.

I just can’t see myself enjoying it for an extended period of time. Despite my bubbly persona and extroverted nature, I prefer to blend in a bit more. I feel a bit like a cross between a highlighter and a bullhorn, drawing attention every where I go. It’s definitely a new feeling.

I’ll be updating this blog more frequently over the next few weeks, mainly because I anticipate some interesting interactions to occur as a result of my new hair style.

That’s bound to be inspiration for some fun-filled posts!

Optimistic that the stories will be rolling in,
~Victoria Elizabeth


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