Happy Anniversary to ME!

Happy Anniversary to ME!

I just learned that today is the one year anniversary since I started this blog.


It’s hard to believe that I’ve been part of this world – sharing my thoughts, experiences, and words with a public audience – for twelve months now.

When I first launched this blog, I was terrified. I had no idea what I would talk about and, more importantly, who would actually want to read it. My very first post was timid and non-committal; had it not been for the loving support of my writing friends, Christina Jones, Merethe Walther, and Jenifer Satonica, I would have likely given up the blog-business just as quickly as I jumped in.

And yet here I am, one year later.

I have over 1,000 followers here and I’ve since launched two additional blogs:

The Memoirs of a Yo-Yo Dieter (February 2013)

The Drunken Writers Blog (July 2013)

The dieting blog has almost 2,400 followers (woohoo!) and The Drunken Writers Blog, which is a collaborative project with Merethe Walther and Eric Fernau, is quickly gaining a following thanks to the amusing content and witty banter of my fellow alcohol enthusiasts.

I’m amazed how far I’ve come in just 365 days and I’ve excited to see where I’ll go in my second year in the blogosphere. Thank you for all of your love, support, comments, and the “likes” – they are always appreciated! 🙂

Optimistic for an awesome Blog Anniversary!

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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