With graduation less than six weeks away, I really feel like the momentum is building. I’ve gone through two interviews for internships. I’ve sent out samples of my writing to multiple companies, colleges (yes, thinking about grad school), and potential employers.

This is really happening, folks.

I found out last night that the owner of a major website/blog is looking to start a print publication and is interested in hiring me as a fitness/nutrition contributor.


Not only would it be an ongoing position, but it would be for a magazine that will be distributed nationwide once it gets established and gains traction.

I’m trying not to get too excited, but things appear to be falling together.

My final classes are going well, I’m in good spirits, and the nightmares (which I associated with a fear of graduation and the loss of routine) have subsided. I’m my normal, bubbly self. I’m back to writing silly poetry for my employees and drawing pictures (of my Chihuahua) in dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror for my husband.

Life is pretty good and it’s certainly full of opportunities – all of which I’m jumping on!

Optimistic for a great day,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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