Last Assignment for School

So, our last assignment for school was to perform a SWOT analysis, viewing ourselves as a business. Based on what we learned about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, we were then supposed to discuss our short and long term goals post-graduation.

Rather than preparing an essay (which, Lord knows, we’ve done plenty of in the last three years!), I decided to surprise the teacher by creating this video.

English: SWOT analysis diagram in English lang...

English: SWOT analysis diagram in English language. Français : Matrice SWOT en anglais. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forgive the editing, audio, and video quality. I’m recovering from a sinus/respiratory/ear infection and wasn’t trying to win any awards for documentary film-making with this piece. Really, I just wanted to say my goodbyes to Full Sail University in style and break the essay-grading monotony for a cool teacher.

I hope you enjoy!

Optimistic it’s going to be a great final week of school,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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