Work + Halloween = Silly Poetry

Since Halloween falls during the work week, my office has decided to host a department-wide potluck to celebrate the ghouls and goblins and their day of play.

To announce the potluck to the staff, I decided to do a play off of Twas the Night Before Christmas and get a few giggles from my team.



Twas the last day of October and all through the place,
Not a person was recognized, not even a face!
Ghouls roamed the halls, devils stomped in the room,
In preparation for Halloween, the promise of doom!

The reps were all settled in their desks for the day,
Ready for the candy and costumes, the prospect of play!
John in his tutu and Joel in his mask,
Had just settled in to tend to their task.

When out from the conference room arose such a noise,
The staff ran from the room, even the boys!
Amanda flitted to the rescue, as quick as a flash!
Her tiara falling off, the wind trailing her sash!

The fluorescent bulbs cast their light on the room like a flare,
Only to reveal a potluck, set up with great care!
Cookies and cakes and crockpots of dip,
The tastiest treats to make any dieter slip!

On All Hallow’s Eve the demons find fun –
In filling your bellies with food by the ton!
So sign up for the potluck, and you best be quick,
Or else you’ll be stuck with the worst of the pick.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Optimistic for a fun week!

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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