A silly poem: The Keyboard Shutdown

In an effort to garner some laughter in the office, I always try to send out a short poem or song to my department whenever I announce that I’m the M.O.D. for the evening.

I normally aim for a parody of the current hit songs (Call Me, Maybe? was a hit), classic Disney melodies, or childhood poems. Tonight, I did a mild rendition of Miss Suzie (Had a Steamboat), keeping it as PG as possible to suit a professional environment.


It’s short, sweet, and silly – so enjoy!



Miss Tori has a laptop,
Her laptop has a board!
She types her little heart out,
She really strikes a chord!

Her keys can’t stand the pressure,
They cry, and squeak, and groan!
They tried to stage a riot,
But none listened to their moan!

Her keys complained to congress,
They led a full-blown strike!
But the politicians were too busy,
So they told ‘em, “take a hike!”

Her keyboard mumbled and it grumbled,
Until her Macbook spoke,
“Quit your complaining, lil rascals,
All she does is poke!”


It’s definitely not publication-worthy, but it got a few laughs. For those that don’t know me, I learned to type on a typewriter (poor school system – I’m not that old!) and, as a result, I type HARD when I try to type fast. The sound of my typing echoes through the office like the rumblings of a rock slide in the Grand Canyon. I have a reputation for my cacophonous stenography and sometimes I poke a little fun at myself. Tonight was one of those days. 🙂


I’m optimistic we’re going to have a fun night shift while I’m on duty!

~ Victoria Elizabeth



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